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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

Posted on: May 9, 2011 1:22 am
Edited on: May 9, 2011 3:35 pm
At the very least, the San Jose Sharks’ Game 5 loss allowed Jeremy Roenick to take another run at Patrick Marleau

Roenick, the former NHLer turned Versus analyst, called Marleau’s performance in the Detroit Red Wings’ comeback victory on Sunday night “gutless,” but the rips kept coming. 

“All in all 19 players of San Jose Sharks came and grinded it out and played very good game,” Roenick added. 

Here's a look at the video: 

Roenick then took to Twitter to defend his remarks, with explanation marks galore.

“Everyone can be mad at me for my comments. That's fine!!” Roenick wrote. “My opinions are mine and I’ve always voiced them! Classless? I’ve had worse said of me!! 

“Marleau has his fans and that's great! I am not one of them and won't pretend to be! I love the Sharks with a passion and think the fans deserve a better effort than Marleau has given in this series!!!”

It was a harsher assessment than when the Sharks took on the Wings, also in the second round, a year ago. 

“When is Patrick Marleau gonna come out and hit somebody in a playoff game?” Roenick said on a Candian radio station. 

Bitter much, JR? He played his final two seasons of his career with San Jose, the last on the Sharks’ Presidents’ Trophy-winning team of 2008-09. That run was cut off in the first round by the Anaheim Ducks in a series where Marleau was chided for doing the “double flamingo” as jumped out of the way from a slap shot. 

Marleau’s captain’s “C” was yanked that offseason, but he remains one of the classiest players in the NHL and never outwardly sulked as Joe Thornton took over the captaincy. Marleau also didn’t stand out in Game 5, which I guess maybe you could note. He didn’t have any points, but he also finished even, although he did have two giveaways -- one less than Thornton. Sharks defensemen Ian White and Niclas Wallin, by the way, were both minus-3. 

"Jeremy Roenick only cares about furthering his broadcasting career," Sharks' broadcaster Randy Hahn said on Twitter . "His Marleau take was WAY over the line. Many bridges were burned."

Roenick, however, wasn’t the only former NHL player/broadcaster to rip the Sharks, but give Aaron Ward credit for not going the personal route. 

“Another case of 'Sanjoseitis'?” Ward, also a Versus analyst, wrote on Twitter . “New strand similar to ones seen in years past. Symptoms include choking and restlessness.”

-- A.J. Perez
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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

I think that Roenick is a genius that is playing off a perceived animosity that he might have toward Marleau. Of course he wants to further his career as a broadcaster, he can no longer play the game he loves at the highest level. If his analysis stirs up some controversy, it's good for him and for hockey; at least publicity wise. Go on JR and call out folks that you don't think are playing with heart. He, at least, has been there and has some inkling about what it takes to perform in playoff hockey. It would be different if this came from an analyst that had never been there. Prove him wrong Marleau and beat the 'Wings!

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Posted on: May 10, 2011 4:52 pm

Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

JR just told it like it is and always has been: as good as Marleau is, he doesn't have heart.  Even Joe Thornton, an annual "no-show" in the play-offs, has come out of hiding this year, but not Patty.  And I don't think it's bitterness that spurs JR, or he could have taken on the whole organization: even Doug Wilson, who's a really nice guy and technically as astute as anybody related to the game, doesn't have the fire that guys like JR bring everyday.  If you want to win the Cup, you're going to need guys who don't just want to win, but who HATE, yes HATE!, to lose!  Guys like, say, Brad Stuart, who flung his stick at the side boards from near the net after the OT loss.  You never saw that fire in him when he was a Shark....  I'm just saying that maybe there were a lot more credible targets throughout the organization that JR *could* have gunned down....

As for Randy's Hahn's response to JR's critique, I never knew Randy was such a Homer...  I guess we should just be glad he's not as bad as announcers for the Wings or Lightnng, but really Randy, let Marleau fight his own battles, he needs the practice!

BTW, I say this all as a Sharks fans since Day One, and a long time season ticket holder who is seriously inclined to give them up next year.  Just tired of the annual let-down as the Sharks regress into minnows.

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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

Don -- have to disagree with you -- JR was a BEAST, I mean, the best player ever, bar none.  He could score whenever he wanted, win every fight he was in, and flat out crush anybody at anytime...

'course...that was in Sega Genesis Hockey...came across this the other day...might be of amusement for some of you...


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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

Marleau has 45 goals in only 106 playoff games.  JR had 53 goals in 154 games.  JR played great in some playoff series but he also played poorly in some.  He had 115 pm in those 154 games while Marleau had only 50.  Marleau isn't close to the best defensive forward I have seen but to listen to JR on the subject makes me sick. 

JR has done NOTHING in the playoffs that would make you think that he knows what he's talking about.  He scored 513 career goals, I get it, that makes him good.  If you look at Marleau he has 357 and a ton of time left playing hockey so I would guess barring an injury he will pass JR.  So if he passes JR will that make him a better player?

Wake up and see this for what it is.  JR hates Marleau.  He called him out EXACTLY the same way last year in the playoffs.  This year it gets more ink because he did it on Verses.  You guys give this idiot way to much credit.  And for the record Marleau had 13 points in 14 playoff games last year including 8 goals.  Because he is having a bad series defensively doesn't mean he's gutless.  It means he's having a bad series.

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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

I'm a lifelong Sharks fan who never understood the managements insistence on keeping Marleau and his nearly 7 million dollar anchor. Amen JR for calling it like is. You keep giving it to him, maybe this will be the fire he needs to bring his "A" game. Prove all of us wrong Patty. 

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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

im a die hard sharks fan, i was at game 5. he has been soft his whole career and finally somebody called him out. JR thank you for that maybe he will come out with some fire in game 6 and clinch it.

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Posted on: May 9, 2011 4:21 pm

Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

Right on JR . some one had to say it. it seems that marleau does not want to into the high traffic areas.
 maybe it time to do something  to shake him up. drop him down a line or  two . if no results occur than maybe  he should be taken out of the line up. ane be forced to watch from the press box.and put a younger player  who will play with some energy.

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Posted on: May 9, 2011 1:35 pm

Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

Patty never said he had an issue with what JR said.

The fact that JR says it to advance his own career is where I have the problem.  He is getting paid to anaylze hockey.  I personally think he does a poor job of explaining his points but he isn't really getting paid for that.  He gets paid to say things like this about Marleau and other players.  He is trying ot be the Charles Barkley or hockey.  Look at all the attention he is getting for Versus.  He sells because true or not he says things that require a response.  This is perfect for hockey because people read it and respond and then watch him to see what else he will say. 

So JR is good because he tells it like it is are more little tid bits from JR being the idiot that he is..and when your done with that take a look at both guys playoff records and tell me you want JR over Patty. 

Jeremy's openness has often led to controversy. During the , he addressed certain fans that perceive NHL players as being spoiled. Roenick told these fans to "kiss my ass" and accused them of being jealous. He stated further that he would prefer that those fans who shared that perception no longer attend NHL games or watch them on television. Afterwards, Roenick felt his remarks had been taken out of context by .<sup id="cite_ref-35" class="reference"></sup><sup id="cite_ref-36" class="reference"></sup>

Roenick's penchant for stirring controversy also saw him claiming in 2006 that has "blackballed" him, and was being disrespectful by not including him on the American national team at the in , . He claimed, "I'm a lot better player than my points indicate"; he had six goals and seven assists in 32 games when he made that comment.<sup id="cite_ref-finger_17-1" class="reference"></sup>

In May 2009, Roenick claimed that , then a member of the , was receiving less playing time because , Detroit's coach, was biased against American players. Chelios and Babcock dismissed the allegations, and stated that there was no tension between them.<sup id="cite_ref-37" class="reference"></sup>

Roenick returned to questioning American Olympic selections prior to the in . During an interview with radio station Roenick publicly questioned the selection of to the Olympic . J.R. felt that Drury was as good for the team as or in terms of on ice play. Roenick also felt that Drury's main role was to be a leader to the young Americans and that was a better choice to fill that role for the Olympic team.<sup id="cite_ref-38" class="reference"></sup> Drury scored a key goal in the team USA's win over <sup id="cite_ref-39" class="reference"></sup> and Roenick later issued a national apology to Drury.<sup id="cite_ref-40" class="reference"></sup>

On February 8, 2006, reported that Roenick had been identified as one of several NHL players implicated in  – an operation created with the intent to uncover a nationwide gambling ring. Other notable names involved in this investigation are former ' Assistant Coach and former head coach , and wife of famous NHL player and Coyotes' former head coach , .<sup id="cite_ref-gamble_41-0" class="reference"></sup><sup id="cite_ref-42" class="reference"></sup> Roenick was required to give an affidavit the New Jersey authorities for allegedly placing bets.<sup id="cite_ref-gamble_41-1" class="reference"></sup> It was the second time Roenick had been investigated for his gambling. In 2004 Roenick came under investigation after paying a sports-gambling operation between $50,000 and $100,000 for betting tips and services, however at the time the NHL did not prohibit players from betting on sports, other than hockey, and Roenick stated that he stopped gambling after a warning from Flyers GM .<sup id="cite_ref-43" class="reference"></sup>

Following the loss of the 2004-05 season Roenick found himself at odds with the . He claimed to be suffering from a concussion despite the Flyers' doctors having cleared him following his exit physical.<sup id="cite_ref-44" class="reference"></sup> Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement injured players from the previous season were still to be paid during the lockout (Roenick's contract was for $7.5 million in 2004-05).<sup id="cite_ref-45" class="reference"></sup> After several trips to different doctors<sup id="cite_ref-46" class="reference"></sup> the Flyers' and Roenick finally settled on a payment between $1.09 million and $1.5 million for games he would have missed due to post concussion syndrome if there had been no lock out.<sup id="cite_ref-47" class="reference"></sup>

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Roenick: Sharks' Marleau 'gutless' in Game 5

These people that get offended by the littlest comments these days are simply the product of a softer society that has been created. For God's sake, in my area kids' leagues dont even keep score of their games until they are 9 or 10 so that none of the kids feel like "losers".... it's dumb, u can learn just as much from defeat and from criticism as you can from victory and praise. Take the comments in stride, and in Game 6 go out and play like a man unleashed. Or do you not make enough money to build your own bridge and get the heck over it?

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