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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

Posted on: June 27, 2011 5:31 pm
Edited on: June 27, 2011 6:28 pm

Here we are, just days away from July 1, and Steven Stamkos still doesn't have a contract for next season. Come Friday, he will be a restricted free agent if no extension is reached with the Lightning before then. Stamkos says they're close, but as of yet no deal is done.

So will there be a stampede for Stamkos, a young superstar who has been the NHL's leading goal scorer over the past two seasons? Don't hold your breath.

If Stamkos is still unsigned comed Friday, teams will have the option of extending him an offer sheet, at which point Tampa Bay would have the option to match. And make no mistake, Lightning GM Steve Yzerman will match. He is indicated that there really isn't a level he won't go to to keep his star.

Perhaps you're thinking if a team has a ton of money, why not call Yzerman's bluff, see if he truly means it? If nothing else, you force Tampa Bay to handicap the rest of its roster by committing more than it had afforded to signing Stamkos. Take the Panthers, for example. GM Dale Tallon has to spend $26 million just to reach the salary cap floor, so he has a ton of money to throw around at this point. Couldn't he set out to damage his division rivals by either taking away their best player (and giving the Panthers a star of their own) or hampering Yzerman's efforts to build his roster by offering Stamkos, say $12 million annually?

The answer is of course he could, but it's unlikely he would. Or any other team for that matter. Why? In the hypothetical world where the Lightning don't match and let Stamkos go, they would still get compensation. For Stamkos, the going rate would be four first-round draft picks going back to the Lightning. Stamkos is elite, but that's a heavy, heavy price to pay, in addition to the money committed to paying Stamkos.

So there's a reason why nobody -- except Maple Leafs fans -- has their hopes too high for Stamkos. Then again, you never know what might happen.

Among the other top RFAs this season, both Nashville's Shea Weber and New Jersey's Zach Parise have dates with arbitration after the teams filed, meaning they are off the market while the teams try to negotiate contract extensions. It's hard to imagine either player going as far as arbitration, but if they do, it's even less fathomable the teams would decline to give the player the award. Point being, don't expect to see either guy in a new sweater any time soon, barring trade, of course. These are the types of guys that you imagine will do what they need to do so as not to lose such cornerstones.

Now just because Stamkos seems like a sure bet to remain in Tampa, that doesn't mean other RFAs can't be pried away from their current teams.

Here are the top restricted free agents (in alphabetical order).

Artem Anisimov, Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky -- New York Rangers: The young Rangers all scored at least 18 goals for the Blueshirts last season, led by Dubinsky's team-high 24. The quartet could be described as the future of the franchise.

Drew Doughty -- Los Angeles: The 21-year-old defenseman has already reached All-Star status and is one of the better offensive defensemen in the league already.

Sergei Kostitsyn -- Nashville: The other RFA they have to deal with in Music City, Kostitsyn scored 23 goals and pitched in with 27 assists, having the best shooting percetage in the NHL out of those with at least 25 shots.

Andrew Ladd -- Winnipeg: Ladd was sent to Atlanta from Chicago after the cap-strapped Blackhawks couldn't retain him. In one season for the Thrashers, he had 29 goals, nine on the power play, and 30 assists.

Brad Marchand -- Boston: The rookie really broke out in the playoffs, when he scored 11 goals for the B's on their way to the Stanley Cup, the second most for a rookie in the postseason ever behind only Jeremy Roenick.

Keith Yandle -- Phoenix: A great puck-moving defenseman, he could perhaps be a target of the Bruins in his hometown of Boston. Yandle had 11 goals and a whopping 48 assists for the Coyotes last season.

Others to watch: Zach Bogosian (WPG), Troy Brouwer (WAS), Michael Frolik (CHI), Clarke MacArthur (TOR), Blake Wheeler (WPG), Mike Santorelli (FLA), Blake Comeau (NYI), Teddy Purcell (TB), Semyon Varlamov (WAS)

2011 Restricted Free Agent Compensation
Annual Cap Hit Compensation
Less than $1,034,250 None
$1,034,250 - $1,567,043 Third-round pick
$1,567,044 - $3,134,088 Second-round pick
$3,134,089 - $4,701,131 First- and third-round picks
$4,701,132 - $6,268,175 First-, second- and third-round picks
$6,268,176 -- $7,835,219 Two first-round picks, second- and third-round picks
More than $7,835,219 Four first-round picks

-- Brian Stubits

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

BullyStu.... ive been awayfor a few days, the most outstanding part about this is that you thought you were bitching at the right person. please continue with your ignorance until the dillusional state you are in gets the best of you and you walk into on-coming traffic.

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

Check your spelling there Icon....I don't think that Sylvan learning center is paying off for ya. Should inquire about getting your money back.

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

Iconmatt....blah blah blah BLAH!!! someone still bitter that the flyers couldn't get the job done the last 2 years. YA huh. Think Paul Holmgren is also? Ah ya. Why would he trade the cornerstone's if he didn't think so? If ya can't win with what you have I guess. LMAO, signing Bryzgalov. Smart, reaaal smart. Only 9 years for a goaltender for that's folds easier than a cheap tent. But hey, atleast you got yourself another goalie who sucks come playoff time right. Keep on sucking Bitch....and yes they want Leino back! do your research ya lil' pimple nose dink! So go ahead Philly, offer Stamkos a contract, which he will never EVER sign and even if you were to get him(Ya right), how many other player's on your team do you think you would have to trade off after that? Don't think too far ahead in Philly.

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

Redwings1969:   Here's how the Bruins can do it  ....  Yandle 5 years $30 mill  ... that's $6 mill cap hit,  Marchand 4 years $12 mill - that's $3 mill cap hit  ....  Jordan Caron is a $1.1 mill hit.   Between those 3 you have $10.1 mill hit ... leaving $1.9 mill for minimum $850K contracts left to sign the other two, probably rookies.   It can be done IF Yandle can be had at $6 mill per year, which would be reasonable.

SoxCeltsPats.  I was just on and what you said works very nicely..... good job with the numbers.  Teams sign 23 players that count against the cap, the Bruins have about 12 million dollars available and only need to sign 5 players so what youre saying works very nicely... the Bruins could easily afford Yandle.   On the other hand things could get interesting because I have a feeling if the Wings lose out on Erhoff from Vancouver who is a similar dman but an UFA and just turning 29 years old they could go after Yandle as well.  The Wings desperately need to shore up the defensive end and need to replace Rafalski who suddenly retired.... they have 16 million available and only 6 players to sign.  One is going to be a cheap backup goalie, 2 others are probably going to be cheap 6th and 7th dmen and the other 3 will be forwards, most likely 3rd to 4th line forwards.  Five of those spots probably costs the Wings around 5 to 8 million dollars leaving them between 8 and 11 million dollars to sign one allstar/superstar type player....  I can't wait for July 1st because it's going to be a fun day

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

Redwings1969:   Here's how the Bruins can do it  ....  Yandle 5 years $30 mill  ... that's $6 mill cap hit,  Marchand 4 years $12 mill - that's $3 mill cap hit  ....  Jordan Caron is a $1.1 mill hit.   Between those 3 you have $10.1 mill hit ... leaving $1.9 mill for minimum $850K contracts left to sign the other two, probably rookies.
nice job SCPB......i never try to figure out all the numbers, all i know is the Bruins know what there doing, they did win the CUP.....So i'll trust whatever direction they take....but i would LOVE Yandle in a Bruins uniform......but the Bruins have a solid young core of players. They will contend for a while

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

redwing1969 just shutup already. stop acting like you know more about the flyers cap space and management then the reporters and experts here in philly do. 

First of all, calm the heck down... your blood pressure is going to kill you. If you ever wanna know the Flyers cap situation just go to  It's the best site around... and it's accurate usually right after a team signs a player, makes a trade, whatever.   The 8 million they have available is with Leighton off the books and Lapierre on the books.  They have 5 roster spots to fill with that 8 million dollars AS OF RIGHT NOW... end of story... and they still have to sign Voracek and Simmonds.. and I highly doubt they are signing those guys for 4 million combined but we'll see.   Now, could they waive players and if nobody picks them up play them in the minors and they come off the cap? Sure.  But they still have to replace that body which means they only save part of the salary...  and you keep saying they can wait and make room later to sign 1 or 2 players but it's actually 4 other players. Every single team will have 23 players on their roster that count against the cap on a day to day basis.....  so in other words let's say the Flyers sign Stamkos to a deal and are at the cap they'll have to make enough room to sign all 4 of those other players including Voracek and Simmonds.... it's harder to do then you think man... it's not that easy.  If you're signing those 4 remaining players to deals worth 6 million in total you have to actually drop at least 8 million because the players you drop to make room for them have to be replaced with players that make at least minimum wage. 

Don't underestimate what Toronto would do to get Stamkos either. Toronto is basically his home town, 90 percent of his family still lives there and he grew up watching and following the Leafs.  Toronto DESPERATELY needs a center... more then any other team in the NHL.. they don't even have one good center.... Toronto might spend 5 million dollars on the remaining 5 forwards they need and maybe another million on a 7th dman at most.... 6 million in total.  They'll have about 12.5 left to do what they please with... except for maybe Grabovski and Kulemin the Leafs have everybody they care about signed for at least a year or two beyond this season coming up so they aren't worried about anything but this season...   you have one thing going for you, Burke flipped out when a gm stole one of his players in Anaheim as a RFA and normally doesn't steal players like that.  Even with Kessel he actually "traded" more then he would have paid at that time in compensation just so it would look legit and not like he stole a player...  I could easily see Burke calling Stevey Y and offering him more then 4 first round picks to get the rights to Stamkos.....don't be shocked if it happens. 


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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

the Flyers will make a run at Stamkos, but they don't need a top flight scorer with all the balance they have thru the lineup- they made it to the finals as a #7 seed & were just outmatched this year by a hot goalie (& balanced team in bruins). All the Flyers have to do is cut back on some of the overtime/shootout losses and they'll gain any points in the standings that people feel they've lost with Richards & Carter- so they'll make the playoffs and contend for the cup in 2012.  i hope they take a stab at Drew Doughty or another Dman that can move the puck & put some points up.  As a Flyers fan I'll miss Richards & his checking ability (i'm glad they only see LA a couple times a year), but they did get better as a team.

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Stamkos atop restricted free-agent class

redwing1969 just shutup already. stop acting like you know more about the flyers cap space and management then the reporters and experts here in philly do. first of all they had 8 million the day they placed leighton on waiver and did whatever it was with laperiere. then they gota go througgh waivers before the cap comes off the books. so it wasnt yet. they now have 10.4!!!! they also signed bryzgalov so they wont keep bob around with his 1.7 mill cap hit. if anything he will be in the minors so his cap hit doesnt count against them. so add another 1.7 to that 10.4 and whats that get you??? 12.1 million. then versteeg makes 3 million. pleanty of sources and i mean PLEANTY have already said the flyers will throw him in the minors or trade him to get him off the cap if it means stamkos is coming to town. so now add another 3 million. 15.1 million. sources are reporting tampa is very nervous and is offering stamkos 6.5-7 a yr. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 6.5 million??? sources also said tampa and stamkos are "not close" on a deal. and that was THIS MONRING!!! flyers management hace been in the office crunching numbers and figuring out what they have to spend on stamkos. the flyers can also be 10% above the cap limit during the offseason so they wouldnt have to rush to do things if they did sign him. like i said in my other post they can have around 11 million in space to get him and thats AFTER the offers to voracek AND simmonds which is somewhere around 4 million they said for both of them combined. they have 10.4 right now. throw bob in minors or trade him thats 12.1. then throw versteeg in minors or trade him thats 15.1. so AFTER the 4 million thats 11.1 million they have to spend!!!!!! the highest you can pay him is somewhere a little over 12 million a yr and thats is a fact. noone will offer him the max amount though cause its going to be like a 10 yr deal. only way he gets a max deal is if its a one year contract. so AGAIN REDWINGS1969 they will have 11.1 million to spend on him. in my last post i said 10.4 but i was wrong it is actually 700k higher. dont act like im wrong cause im not and you may know more about hockey in general. but you dont know more about the flyers then me. and im right aabout this. they have a 11.1 million in salary to spend on him. then after that there is pleanty of things they can do to get under the cap more to add 1 or 2 players. tampa better sign him  today cause there will be an offer sheet in stamkos' agents hand from the flyers after midnight tonight. and with the 20 to 25 million they lost last season and the 10 mill and 12 mill a yr they are paying lecavier and st louis and the 15 million deal they gave to brewer(HAHAHA why would you spend money on him when you can use it for stamkos) they dont have more then the 6.5-7 mill they already offered him. yzerman said he will match but thats just a bluff. he WONT be on tampa next season and he may not be on the flyers either but the flyers will try as hard as they can to get him and they have a better chance then anyone to do it. so please stop talking BS that you obviously dont know about the flyers and there cap space....

Oh yeah all this cap space that toronto has right?? well it dont matter!!! you cant only spend a certain amount a year on him and its like 12.5 a year is his salary limit. so who cares if they have 19 million or whatever cause they cant offer that all to him anyway and noone in their right minds will offer him max a year for 13-14 years which is supposedly what he is gonna get in an offer sheet. so get over yourself cause im right about the flyers cap....

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