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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

Posted on: August 13, 2011 1:17 pm
Edited on: August 13, 2011 4:33 pm
IslandersBrawlBy: Adam Gretz

One of the highlights of the 2010-11 New York Islanders season was a 9-3 dismantling of the Pittsburgh Penguins in mid-February. The good news was the Islanders blew out a division rival, scored nine goals and sent a message to a team that had embarrassed them during the previous meeting (that was the game Penguins Brent Johnson fought, and injured, Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro).

The bad news is that game was also the one that featured a series of ugly moments (including Trevor Gillies elbow on Eric Tangradi and Gillies yelling at him from the tunnel, Matt Martin's sucker punch on Max Talbot, Penguins enforcer Eric Godard leaving the bench to join a fight, Michael Haley and Johnson fighting), and saw the two teams combine for 342 penalty minutes and many ejections.

In the aftermath the NHL issued a number of suspensions, including nine games for Gillies and 10 games for Godard (which was automatic for leaving the bench to join a fight), while the Islanders organization was also fined $100,000 by the NHL. The Penguins, meanwhile, were furious that the NHL didn't do enough.

It was madness.

Why is this news again now in the middle of August? Because the Islanders organization has announced plans to hold a viewing party to watch a replay of the game on August 19.

Here's the invite from the Islanders official website:
The night of February 11, 2011 was memorable for Isles fans. Whether you were in the stands at the Coliseum or watching on TV, you were on your feet through all the ruckus cheering for the Islanders to beat the Penguins. On Friday August 19th, MSG Plus will re-air the game and we want the fans to join us for a viewing party at Champions. Same awesome deal as usual, raffles, prizes and more. RSVP now and remember to there early and get a table with your friends. Stay tuned to #Isles and #IslesMeetup for all the latest and for more information.
It was certainly a memorable game, but mostly for the wrong reasons. The party has already sparked some controversy from Penguins fans and impartial observers. Right or wrong, fighting is a part of the hockey culture, and is often times celebrated (heck, think of the events during a hockey game that bring fans out of their seats: goals and fights), and yes, I myself do enjoy watching two heavyweights drop the gloves to a mutually agreed upon bout.

But should the Islanders -- or any team -- be celebrating an event that the NHL deemed bad enough to suspend two of their players for a combined 13 games and fine the organization six figures? Even though times have been rough in recent years for the Islanders franchise, they do have some players in their young core that are worth being excited about. This just seems a bit odd coming from an organization that used to celebrate Stanley Cups.

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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

Enjoy your viewing party Isle's fans.... The hockey god's have ways of paying poor taste back in the game.  Maybe like the Kansas City Islanders?  Or maybe the Quebec Islanders?  Or even the Hamilton Islanders?  lol! Joke franchise that hasn't been relevant for years.  Gonna be funny to watch the few good players you have progress their careers elsewhere.  P.S. Enjoy the cellar again this year.

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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

to be fair to the isles, when was the last time anything happened on the ice that could be looked back on somewhat warmly as a fan? as a fan of a former sad-sack franchise (the lightning), i'll admit you have to take your joy from odd places to keep the fires of fanhood going when your team isn't giving you wins or postseasons to hang your hat on.  ask a fan what he recalls from the pre-tortorella\davidson era, and aside from our one playoff run you'll hear lots of stories that have nothing to do with Ws, most of them unflattering but entertaining

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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

Maybe Farmer_Ted can take that Kool-Aid there and help DiPietro sip some through a straw after getting his face rearranged. Ha. 

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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

I didn't know there was still a hockey team on Long Island ~ NOT for Long!

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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

Hey Penguin Fans time to change the pad...................

As was said prior outsiders have no clue, this game changed their path!

Looking forward to it!

And yes it's been awhile since they have been relevant, but they will be relevant this year, sit back and enjoy! Cause I am!


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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

Mario Lemieux  “If the events relating to Friday night reflect the state of the league, I need to re-think whether I want to be a part of it.” 
As usual, Mario and the Penguin nation are living by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others UNTIL done unto you".   They had no problem after the last game when Cooke took a run at Dipietro and started a brawl.  (And if you think Matt Cooke wasnt going to hit DiPietro before Rick put his gloves up,  WOW.)  Lemieux had no problem with Cooke's hit on Savard.  While yes legal at the time, still wasnt right.  Mario was so mad at that hit to the head that he had Cooke traded off the team.  Wait, what?  He didnt trade him? He gave him a contract extension?  Hmmm What a message to send to your player, team and league.  Mario was fine with head shots until it happen to his team.  After the first hit on Crosby (which was a total accident by the way and if you dont think so you need to watch it again, Sidney turns in front of a player trying to angle past him) Mario went off on how the league needed to do something about all the headshots.  Did he do anything about his cheepshot artist on his team?  NO.  So what does Matt Cooke do?  One month later Cooke goes out and tries to injure Ovechkin with a knee on knee hit.  Less then a week later Cooke leaves his feet and hits Fedor Tyutin his head into the boards.  What does Mario and staff do?  Bench Cooke? NO.  Trade Cooke?  NO.  Send him down to the minors to learn Penguin hockey?  NO.  Even though the league suspended Cooke, Mario and Co could have done something about Cooke.  It wasnt until Mario went off after this brawl and the media slamed him over his hyporacy that Lemieux and Shero final started SAYING the right things when Cooke got suspended for his elbow on Ryan McDonagh near the end of the season. (I wonder if the Pens would have been healthy at the start of the playoffs if Mario and Co would have agreed so much to the length?) 

If Pens fans want crap like this brawl out of the game, boo Cooke evertime he is on the ice.   Mario, if you want this kinda crap out of the game clean up your own house first.  Then start living by the REAL Golden Rule.

Matt Cooke Cheepshot highlights


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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

Yes, Farmer boy THREE Cups is truly a lowly number. It's cute when someone so clueless tries to compare Cup victories when they only have one more than the team they are comparing to. Um, a lowly number would actually be ZERO there genius.

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Islanders to hold viewing party to rewatch brawl

How truly sad is it when an organization that hasn't been relevant needs to regular season game for their fans to get off on. Hey maybe you should show a recent playoff game victory. Oh that's right. Enjoy being in the cellar again.

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